Stop waiting for validation from others to operate in the dream God has given Y-O-U!

Often times God gives us a vision(s) and we get SO excited and we want to run and tell everyone….. especially when the vision(s) is confirmation to the things we once thought about or we once visualized ourselves doing. We must STOP telling everyone what’s been given to us because not everyone has our best interests at heart. Not everyone will share in our excitement and neither will everyone be positive. Besides, people wont be fully able to grasp what God never revealed to them.

YOUR unique vision was given to Y-O-U for a reason! God knew that Y-O-U would be able to handle whatever it is that he has trusted you with. Everyone can’t handle what you can handle, everyone cant go where you can go, everyone isn’t qualified to make certain moves like Y-O-U can. People may be able to do what you do BUT they can NEVER do it identical to you. Why ? Well because God thought of Y-O-U in such a way that he took his perfect time forming and fashioning you before you were even in your mother’s womb. He saw the perfect career choices for you, he saw you running that successful company before “you” even noticed YOU. God didn’t go around asking for the opinions of others when it came down to designing you, so why go around asking others for their opinions about something that’s clearly been confirmed is apart of you ?

So why wait around for applauses from people ? You were chosen by the applause maker himself. Why complain about your lack of support ? You have the biggest & baddest support architect backing you on your blueprint(s). So why question if you’re “capable” ? HE (God) has called Y-O-U and appointed YOU for such a time as this. If God has given it to you then you have everything you need. The need to seek out validation is irrelevant!

Activate your hope, activate your faith. Activate your prayers, activate your thanks. Activate your praise, Activate your worship. Use your hands and your mouth with the right things and the right people. STOP seeking validation, instead seek wisdom. YOUR gift will make room for Y-O-U & only God’s opinion on your unique God given vision is really needed. If he gave it to you, he provides provision. Don’t rush, be patient, it’s coming.



I love this! I love your transparency as well. This is one of your callings, writing is your purpose. Don’t give up on God, and dear whatever you do don’t give up on writing. God instilled writing in you for a reason. You were born for such a time as this, your writings help me 💕

through it all

I just wanna thank God for the shaking, breaking, moulding and changing of me. I wanna thank God for making me His masterpiece in progress.

His masterpiece under construction because I can say through it all, He has changed me and is changing me – better yet He is still flooding me with chance after chance to still become the woman of integrity He Intends and intended me to be in His pre planned destiny which he prepared for me from the get go, waaaay in advance.
The hope He has in & for me; I HAVE to do Him proud because there’s no way I’ve come this far J U S T to come this far! There’s no way I’ve fought the fight I have for that to be it there’s no way I’ve cried the tears I have for this to be the end.

I wanna thank Him…

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Now Is Not The Time To Get Distracted!

Stay focused. Don’t settle! Stop entertaining mediocre events with mediocre people. It’s great to be seen, but it’s even better to be alone building towards something. Go find yourself, while building yourself. Your time is precious, not everyone is deserving of it. Stop giving too much of yourself to the wrong people, to the wrong things. You’re more powerful than you think. God knows HIS plans for you. He wants to give you an Amazing future, and he wants to give you hope. (Jeremiah 29:11)  Find peace and protect it. Find self, and you will find success. Know love, and you will be loved. Know God, truly, and you will be given the blueprint to complete all of your visions and dreams. STAY FOCUSED! “Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you.” (Proverbs 4: 25) _ @Reestartyourday

You Got It

Queen, you got it.

King, you got it.

You got that light, that glow. That smile.That laugh, it shows. That brain of yours,it works wonders. That business that’s been brewing, that dream you’ve been thinking of, you can’t seem to shake it, pursue it. You got it! That God in you, it’s pure, so genuine, so rare. Don’t you know he doesn’t want to see you fail ? In fact, God said “greater works than me shall he do”. Don’t dim your light, don’t dim that glow, keep going, it’s yours. You got it! You’re SO much more than what meets the eye. Don’t you know you got it ? That job is yours. That home, is yours. Those degree’s, that family is yours, that business is yours, that car, it’s yours. Whatever is for you, is already yours. That thing you see but can’t grab, you got it! Keep two feet forward, don’t buckle under pressure. Don’t get distracted. Keep your heart pure, and your hands clean, and continue to let God direct your path. Keep going, it’s yours, your name is already on it. Own it. You Got it!


“Have you ever been too mad to pray ?”

That is the question that I asked my Bishop after bible study today. He responded: “That is when you should pray the most.” It’s not like I didn’t know that. Ever since I could talk I knew what prayer was. That’s all my parents ever did, day in & day out. I grew up in church, and sadly I strayed away. Sometimes as a Christian “I” know what “I” need to do, and “I” just don’t do it. Could it be rebellion ? Could it be due to frustration ? Could it be due to putting in spiritual gains and not getting immediate spiritual results ? Nobody said living righteous would be easy, but they always say it’s worth it. It is hard at times, a lot of times, but it is SO very worth it.

There are times when I know I should be in my word but instead I’m reading some  book. Possibly because it will tell me how this person’s story ended. I would rather go in my refrigerator and grab my Kraft cheese whiz my ritz crackers out the pantry, and then lay propped up on the couch and indulge in my temporary choice of escaping reality. Why ? Because it’s SO much easier than facing my present day reality. And the answers to the character that I am reading problems are in the back of the book, right before the Q&A, and/or index.

Just like you, yes YOU! You’re reading my post right now instead of being on your knees praying about the very thing(s) that are convicting you. Dang, Ree! Why did you just turn on me ? Because I want you to see just how fast the devil turns on you. The enemy is crafty, and our mind is what he is after. He knows if he could magnify our problems he can magnify our actions. The enemy will make 2+2 seem like 4,000, when in fact it is really 4. He will make a Prius with minimum storage space seem like a Dodge Caravan with third row seats. If he can get you to trip off the illusion he has created for you in your mind, he has already knocked you off of your feet.

Just like that that you’ve become unbalanced. Unbalanced like me, skipping my home church for almost a month straight thinking my personal worship, and devotion at home would keep me sustained. Truth is I’ve been weak! My spiritual tank has been cruising on “E”. My spiritual check engine light has been on for about a month. My check oil sign has been flickering within me. My brakes were getting ready to give out on me. But why ? I’ve been living outsides the means of accountability and biblical community.

My breakdown last night is what did it for me. I’ve been trying to be a superhero for too long. “Look at me God,  I got it, can’t you see, I’m strong!” Handling the punches and jabs like Mayweather, soon had me down like Frazier. Like the lady with the issue of blood, I just needed one touch of encouragement, one chance to be revived from my issue, my issues. “Lord, I need you and if you care anything about me right now allow me to be in the place that I met you, where you met me. Allow me to be in the place that I said YES to you. Allow me to be in the place where I get my breakthroughs. I confess, it’s been SO hard, I realize NO matter how hard I try, I can’t make it without YOU!.”

I make it to bible study, I pressed my way there. Let me stop by the corner store first, get some Now And Laters to wash away my bitterness, as I’m in a place I don’t really want to be in right now, but know where I need to be. Go figures, I’m the first one there. Bishop is setting up, smiling, and greeting me and saying how nice it is to see me. He’s greeting me like I’m some sort of celebrity. Like, I am somebody! I AM SOMEBODY!! He’s powerful, and like always I know he has a message that’s going to knock the voice of the enemy  right out of me, I’m about to be convicted. It’s to the point that God ALWAYS allow the word of God to be exactly what I need. I rest my case, I stood convicted, again. One day after church I asked my Bishop, “Bishop do you have a bluetooth on me?” The word is always what I need.

Prior to noon day bible study I talked to my First Lady (Bishop’s wife) for hours today. I told her I’ve been struggling in areas of my faith. This is going on, that is going on, she listened, blessed me with the word , dropped some golden nuggets on the purpose of long suffering, and said “Let us pray.” She prayed for me, once again here is that thing that I had no desire to do since the weekend. After pressing my way to church, today’s bible study was on church history. It blessed me! I’ve learned of the death of the apostles. How they were put to death by way of torture. Some were stoned, crucified, beheaded, and burned alive. They were killed because of their faith, for what they believed in. Here I am alive, dying on the inside by choice**. My God!  Bishop said something that stuck with me: “We should not be so casual with our faith when SO many of our ancestors lost their lives due to doing what we do so freely today.”

God forgive me! Forgive me for falling, for complaining, for being weak. Forgive me for not trusting you completely. Forgive me for doubting you, for not believing. Just like the index in the books that I read to escape reality, the bible is my blueprint. In it lies every answer to every problem that I face. You’re the answer. You have equipped me with enough tools to run my race until I reach the finish line. I know that everything that I am going through is birthing the greater me, and beating the lesser me out so that I can be the best me. I realize that prayer is not for you! Prayer is for ME, for him, for her, for us, for them and you get the glory from it.  God thank you for not forsaking my destiny because of my disobedience and disapproving choices. I love you God!!!!

What I’m realizing often is: The things we don’t want to do are the things that we need to do. Don’t forsake prayer. Prayer is what got us through thus far. Somebody somewhere is praying for you. I encourage you to pray for you. Also, pray for those around you, everyone you know, and those you don’t know. You just never know what people are going through. Prayer works! I feel SO much better!!!! Having people around you that pours into you is necessary. Despite all the calamity I endured this past weekend, I felt peace as soon as I got into the sanctuary. You don’t have to carry all your burdens. THIS BATTLE IS NOT YOURS! It’s the Lord’s! Cast all you cares on him because HE truly cares for you. It’s ok to admit that you fell, that you struggled, that you don’t have it all together. God already knows that anyway. He wants you, he wants everything you’ve done, you’re doing, you’re going to do. He can still use you despite what transpired!

“Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” (Jeremiah 29:12) ….He’s waiting for you to call him. 

“Be Submissive In Your Current Season.”

You may currently be experiencing stress and trials simultaneously. Things may be happening to you that you may not understand. You may want to throw in the towel right now, honey please DON’T!  See what you may not understand is that this season of your life is prepping you for your next level. And although you may not see the vision, it will soon make sense in the long run. Every season of our lives  will not be easy. If it was, would we really grow ? No, we would be comfortable in our everyday routines, and we would settle for mediocracy.  In life we are going to have to be uncomfortable in order to elevate, in order to mature, in order to progress within our purpose(s).

I wrote this in a vulnerable place, when I was almost ready to throw in my own towel. It was just last week when I found myself ready to give up! But God took me to the story of Abram and Sarai (who we now know as Abraham and Sarah) If you’re not familiar with the story, as you read in Genesis 16 God promised Abram and Sarai a child. Abram was  75 years old when God promised him a son. When he received this revelation  not only did Abram laugh at God, his wife Sarai did too. You see, they lacked faith, and they didn’t believe that God would do what he said he would do. Like them, sometimes that’s what we do when we can’t see God’s visions for our lives.

Years later after receiving the revelation, and not becoming pregnant Sarai, Abrams wife** came up with a plan for Abram to get their mistress Hagar pregnant. Abram listened to his wife and did just that, he got their mistress Hagar pregnant. Although it was Sarai’s plan, she became jealous, bitter, and mistreated Hagar. I can honestly say, that I was promised something and because I didn’t see it immediately, I tried to make it happen on my own, but I failed tremendously. Waiting on God is SO very vital. Our ability to wait, or not wait determines the next season of our life.

Mistreating Hagar was wrong, but Sarai realized she bit off more than what she could chew. That’s what we do when we step out the will of God, we bite off more than what we can chew, which often times have us wanting to run, and run far. Due to being treated harshly Hagar ran away. As she was in the desert by a spring (also known as a well) an angel of the Lord asked her why she had fled. When Hagar explained all that she was going through with Sarai to the angel, the angel spoke this to her (Genesis 16:9 )”Then the angel of the LORD told her, “Go back to your mistress and submit to her.” And the Angel promised to increase Hagar’s descendants so much so that it will be too many of them to count. The Angel told Hagar that she was pregnant and to name her son Ishmael. I thought it was amazing after learning that Ishmael means “God hears.” Another thing that struck me was the fact that after talking to the Angel Hagar responds: ” You are the God who sees me, I have now seen the One who sees me.” (Genesis 16:13)

God hears and sees everything. Nothing is a surprise to him. He knows what you’re experiencing, he’s allowing you  to experience it, and for a reason. This thing that you’re going through is just a season, it’s temporary. This hard, cold, lonely, unwanted, unwelcomed season of your life that you’re in , could be the very season that blesses you later.  Hagar went back! Ishmael was born when Abram was 86 years old. That’s 11 years after God’s original promise to him. Twenty five years after God promised that he will have a son  Abram and his wife had their first child together, Abraham was 100 years old. You see disobedience comes with a price. Even after Abraham and Sarah had their child they still had to deal with the consequences of stepping outside of God’s will.  But guess what ? God kept ALL of his promises, none of his promises to either one of them came back void. Just like God had to remind Hagar, how he had to remind me, I want to remind you,

Be submissive in your current season.” You don’t know what’s on the other side of this season. Listen, pray, obey, wait!